Netflix’s Kaleidoscope, while compelling, lacks developed plot



While “Kaleidoscope’s” “choose your own adventure” concept is unique and compelling, it ultimately makes the plot less cohesive and more vague.

Zara Siddique, Audience Engagement Manager

Netflix’s new miniseries “Kaleidoscope” takes on a unique “choose your own adventure” approach to a heist drama, where the viewer can choose the order in which they view the episodes. 

While the plot of the series certainly is compelling, the details a successful heist show needs are lacking.

The show goes through different stages before the heist ranging from 24 years to five days, and characters are introduced throughout. Narration for each episode provides some clarity. While the show attempts to have an ambiguous air of mystery, it ultimately just feels confusing. This can mainly be attributed to maintaining the viewer’s ability to watch the show in any order they choose. But evident plot holes take away from the action and drama, making the show vague and confusing rather than mysterious and compelling.  

“Kaleidoscope” surveys an unexplored aspect of television, yet it is unsuccessful in maintaining the compelling detail necessary for its plotline. Future shows need to recognize that in order to create episodic shows with no specific order needed, a crucial attention to detail is necessary. With the lack of detail and numerous plot holes, viewers aren’t able to follow the already underdeveloped plot, making the show extremely difficult to watch.