Administration should be conscious of benefits of open time


With no universal free period, students must have free time for reasons other than work like meetings.

Ethan Swinger, Assistant Editor

The administration has unveiled the 2023-24 high school schedule, which, among various changes, will not have a universal open time and lacks free periods for students taking a full course load.

Though the new schedule reflects the administration’s conscious efforts to help student struggles, the administration should be aware that open time is far more than just a time to catch up on homework.

Since U-High does not have designated office hours for students to meet with teachers, open periods are an invaluable time for this. These periods are also used for group work and additional club meetings.

For the vast majority of students who participate in clubs or buy lunch in the cafeteria, the 45-minute lunch period is just not enough time to be used as a universal open time. And meeting outside school hours is extremely difficult due to the busy schedules and numerous activities U-High students take up.

When the new lab or co-curricular period is implemented, it is crucial to ensure that students have some free time available during school hours for reasons other than catching up on work.