Stop AI interpolation: People should listen to animators and authentic animation


AI interpolation disrespects the care put into the original animation and is of poorer quality.

Haley Maharry, Reporter

Animators are enraged by people who claim that AI interpolation, the trend of using artificial intelligence to turn 12- to 30-frames-per-second animations into 60 frames per second by adding AI-generated intermediate frames, makes animations smoother and better.

The public should start listening to animators and stop using AI to make higher-frame animated videos.

Although at face value it does look like the animation is smoother because it has more frames per second by adding AI-created between frames, the AI ruins the original pacing and feel of the animation.

More frames do not equal better animation because when an animation is interpolated, it ruins the timing and care that was put into the original animation.

If having 60-frames-per-second animations through AI interpolation was better, giant corporations would be using it, but they aren’t because it takes more away from the animations than it adds.

AI interpolation not only often makes the animation quality worse instead of better, but it also is an insult to the animators who put their care and dedication into a project. It is about time that people stop clicking on YouTube videos like “‘Mulan’ is so much better with 60fps” and put their foot down on AI interpolation.