Renaissance magazine wants to publish student creative writing


Sarah Abdelsalam

Junior Daisy Juarez participates in a Renaissance magazine board meeting. The magazine showcases student-created writing and art.

David Santiago, Reporter

The Renaissance arts and literary magazine wants students to submit their creative writing, so that it may be published. Students can do this by emailing their work to [email protected], preferably not more than two weeks after spring break to be published in this year’s issue. Editors will accept works of many genres, from poetry to personal narrative. 

Renaissance is an annual magazine that showcases the writing and art of U-High students. It is printed and distributed for free at the end of the year.

The work can be something written for school or independently, but it must be school appropriate. Works over two pages long will most likely be shortened by only an excerpt being printed, according to co-president Sasha Watson.

Anonymous submissions are accepted, and you can do this by contacting an English teacher and requesting that they send the work to the Renaissance magazine anonymously. Mark Krewatch, Renaissance adviser, is the fastest route to the editors. 

 “There’s a bunch of good writers at Lab and we enjoy reading the submissions,” co-president Sara Kumar said, “so don’t be afraid to submit.”