Astrology app ‘Co-Star’ provides a way to interact with friends


Ishani Hariprasad

The astrology app Co-Star provides a fun way to engage with astrology, even in a casual way.

Chloë Alexander, Reporter

Mercury in retrograde, the sun in Aries and Sagittarius in your fifth house are all aspects of astrology that can be fun to learn about. 

The astrology app Co-Star can be a fun way to interact with friends through astrology even as a joke, but if you’re serious about it, Co-Star allows for an easy way to understand what the different terms mean. 

A basic aspect of wanting to download an astrology app would be to know about your sun sign, rising sign and moon sign, Co-Star gives you all of that and more. But the one downside is that the app doesn’t give an in-depth analysis of what they mean. 

Wanting to learn about your different houses — which is the astrology version of a crystal ball that represents key parts of life and depends on what sign is in each house — can be difficult, but the daily horoscopes and transits can help you understand the different aspects of your life.  

Every day you can look at your connections with friends that you’ve added, almost making the app like social media, whether those connections are through compatibility or different roles in a fictional movie.

So, even if you don’t believe in astrology, Co-Star can be a fun way to interact with friends. But if you’re looking to find out more about your horoscopes, Co-Star is a good way to dive deeper into astrology.