To support Taiwan, the United States of America must stop China


Midway Staff

Niall Danahey argues that the United States must uphold treaties and other agreements to defend Taiwan to prevent economical harm to the United States.

Niall Danahey, Reporter

The United States of America might start a war with China over Taiwan, an idea that was supported by President Joe Biden who said in May 2022 that the United States would defend Taiwan militarily. 

The United States should stop China no matter the cost due to the treaties the United States has to protect them and the benefits of preventing China from taking full control of Taiwan. 

If the United States doesn’t stop China, it will show that China can do whatever it wants with no consequences.

China might think it can bully the United States into doing things such as annexing allies that the United States supports or causing harm to the United States’ economy intentionally. 

Not only this, but if Taiwan was taken over, the price of many goods would increase tenfold compared to the impact of the Russia-Ukraine war as U.S. trade with China and Taiwan is 10 times U.S. trade between Russia and Ukraine, according to Yahoo Finance, hurting the United States economy. 

The United States of America should uphold treaties and other agreements to defend Taiwan and to make sure China does not significantly hurt the economy of the United States and other countries around the world.