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‘Suits’ hooks viewers with complex plot

“Suits” stars Patrick J. Adams as Mike Ross, Rick Hoffman as Louis Litt, and Gabriel Macht as Harvey Specter stare into the camera in concentration. The show was the most-streamed TV show in 2023 after a resurgence in popularity, four years after the final season premiered in 2019.

Editor’s note: This story contains a spoiler about the first 5 seasons of “Suits.”

In Season 5, Episode 10 of  “Suits,” fraudulent lawyer Mike Ross (Patrick J. Adams) is arrested in his own office for pretending to have a law degree. After years of building a career in law, he finally has to confront his own past as a fraud and a former drug dealer.

The show focuses on renowned lawyer Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht) mentoring Mike as they work together in a prestigious law firm in New York City. With complex plot lines, deep characters, and surprising secrets, “Suits” is a show that’ll lure you in, keeping you in suspense. All 9 seasons are available on Peacock, and Seasons 1-8 are also on Netflix.

Through many twists and turns, involving prison scandals, family struggles, workplace relationships and thousands of lawsuits, Harvey and Mike, alongside their friends and coworkers, are constantly faced with challenging situations that only the smartest lawyers can escape.

In every episode, the plot is multilayered and suspenseful, and the viewer needs to consider all of the characters, different plot lines, and how they all come together to make or break the firm. The characters’ motives and plans are always unpredictable — it’s practically impossible to guess which lawyers are fabricating evidence, who’s planning a secret takeover of the firm, and how far everyone is willing to go.

The actors, including Meghan Markle as Rachel Zane, are well cast and suited for their roles. Each character brings a unique dynamic to the show, from Harvey’s cocky ego to Rachel’s deep care for others.

The ending, along with the entire final season, shocks the viewer by setting Harvey and Mike against each other, along with new antagonist Faye Richardson (Denise Crosby), who seizes control of the firm and complicates everything. It’s up to Harvey, Mike and their work family, even while fighting each other, to take back what’s theirs.

While many scenes are thoughtfully filmed, the use of computer-generated effects is often noticeable in the show, for example, when Harvey talks to Jessica Pearson (Gina Torres) on a rooftop in Season 4, Episode 12. Also, a significant portion of the scenes take place in the firm’s building, which can feel repetitive when the viewer keeps seeing the same people talk in the same few offices. 

The show often incorporates details that clarify the plot, but viewers can still struggle to understand the storyline, especially those without a basic understanding of law.

Overall, “Suits” is an engaging show to binge, and its nine seasons will keep you invested in all of the characters. Despite the complicated plot lines that can make it difficult to follow, the surprises in almost every episode make it exciting and engaging to watch.

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