End-of-year schedule revised, posted on Schoology

Midway Staff
The revised end-of-year schedule was pushed back from June 1 through June 5 to June 8 through 10 due to the cancellation of finals.

Due to the cancellation of the schoolwide math and science finals, the end-of-year schedule has been adjusted to begin on June 8 and end June 10. Students can find a copy of the modified end-of-year schedule on their class Schoology pages.

Each day of the special end-of-year schedule will consist of two or three 45-minute class periods. Third and seventh periods will be on June 8; second, fifth and sixth periods will be on June 9; and first, fourth and eighth periods will be on June 10. For lab science classes, teachers will inform students which period will be used.

The regular class schedule will continue through June 5, and the last advisory meeting will be June 3. The annual awards assembly and senior celebration will take place virtually on June 4. 

Assistant principal Asra Ahmed emphasized the importance of honoring seniors even in the current situation.

According to Ms. Ahmed, the science department faculty determined earlier this year that a day dedicated to final course exams was unnecessary. The math department’s choice to cancel their finals was much more recent. Their choice was made in response to school closure, and the limits of virtual learning.

Ms. Ahmed said students can expect teachers to use the final class periods for things such as critiques, projects, presentations and exams.