Eighth graders expected to participate in annual end-of-year activities


Téa Tamburo

A sign outside of the Middle School Lobby is covered in ivy.

Noa Appelbaum, Reporter

Although Lab middle schoolers will, same as most years, not be required to attend classes after June 5, eighth graders are still expected to participate in their annual end-of-year traditions, which take place after classes finish. 

Social events, parties, and graduation for the eighth grade will take place virtually.

According to middle school principal Sandra Bixby, the eighth grade’s end-of-year events are partially planned by students.

“There are about 11 or 12 students on a committee, mostly from the student council or our ambassador program,” Ms. Bixby said. According to her, these students work with parents and faculty members to help organize the activities. 

From June 8-10, the committee is planning to host virtual social events, parties, and graduation. Arrangements will be made so that on June 11, students can come to school and pick up their graduation packets and certificates, as well as turn in their borrowed laptops. While doing so, students are required to abide by social distancing standards.

Although the administration is working hard to make these eighth grade events as similar to most years, Ms. Bixby understands that students are disappointed. 

“For any student who’s leaving the school right now, how do you say goodbye?” said Ms. Bixby, who is retiring at the end of the year. 

Although the eighth grade teachers and faculty are trying to make the virtual graduation program be as similar as possible to other years’, according to Ms. Bixby, “It’s not the same. I wish there was a way to allow the students to come see each other again.”

While Ms. Bixby says she and the rest of the faculty are disappointed that students won’t get to fully experience these “rite-of-passages,” she wants students to know that “it’s still their moment. Have it be special and congratulate them for being the group that has to put up with this.”