Midway named best overall publication in division


Berk Oto

The U-High Midway won best Overall news publication including best online, best hybrid and best print newspaper in the district.

The U-High Midway newspaper was named the top Illinois student news organization in its division for the sixth year in a row. Division 1 includes Illinois schools with an enrollment under 700 students.

The Midway was named Best Overall Publication — including print, digital and hybrid — as well as Best Hybrid Publication and Best Website for its division in the 2020 Illinois Journalism Education Association Newspaper and Digital News Media Contest.

Additionally, newspaper staffers earned awards for 50 individual or team entries, including 20 first place entries. Up to two entries per school could be submitted for the contests, which covered March 2019 to March 2020 which is why some alumni won for work last spring. A complete list of staff awards is below.


Best COVID-19 Coverage (special category)

1st place: Coronavirus delays Chinese exchange trip, Madeline Welch

3rd place: Beach family repatriated after being stranded in Peru, Abigail Slimmon, Berk Oto


Best News Story

1st place: To protest, dancers must sit, Ella Beiser

3rd place: Lab students participate in Global Climate strike in Chicago, Audrey Matzke


Best In-Depth News Story

1st place: Climate crisis: How teachers plan to address the generation’s hottest issue, Peter Pu

2nd place: Teachers go ‘gradeless’, Nikhil Patel


Best Feature Story

1st place: TikTok encourages self-expression, community, Audrey Matzke

HM Suburban commuters experience positives, negatives, Ella Beiser


Best Personality Profile

1st place: Senior enjoys creating complex engineering projects, Grace Brady

3rd place: Gigi Reece’s percussion passion, Olivia Griffin


Best Sports News Story

1st place: Boys soccer team places first at state, Nicky Edwards-Levin, Christian Gluth, Ella Beiser

2nd place: P.E. department says athletics are not suitable substitute, Ella Beiser


Best Sports Feature Story

1st place: Esports proves growing and successful industry, Christian Gluth

2nd place: Refereeing done right: Student, teacher collaborate over calling signals, Madeline Welch


Best Staff Editorial

1st place: Identity clubs need our help to thrive, Nicky Edwards-Levin, Madeline Welch

3rd place: Teens: count on your peers, Iván Beck


Best Serious Commentary

1st place: Wellness is about more than just academics, Audrey Matzke

HM Zero-waste should be an affordable lifestyle, Leland Culver


Best Review

1st place: Memoir explores survivor-attacker narrative, Amanda Cassel

2nd place: World of Warhol: Art Institute hosts retrospective exhibit, Olivia Griffin


Best News or Feature Photo

1st place: March 2, 2020: All in the air (photo 5 in series), Maria Shaughnessy

HM 96.7 p12 It’s Rocket Science, Elliott Taylor


Best Sports Photo

1st place: 96.2 p11 Tight-knit tennis team, Maria Shaughnessy

HM 96.5 p10 Heads up, Maria Shaughnessy


Best Illustration

2nd place: 95.8 p6-7 Too Hot To Handle, Risa Cohen

HM 96.6 p6-7 Race for the Nomination, Risa Cohen


Best Infographic

2nd place: 96.7 p8 Facts on Fire, Nicky Edwards-Levin

3rd place: 96.2 p6-7 Vaping Quick Facts, Amanda Cassel, Abigail Slimmon


Best Alternative Storytelling

2nd place: 96.7 p7 Brought to the table, Abigail Slimmon, Nikhil Patel

HM 95.10 p12 Take time during break to rest, recharge, Olivia Griffin, Leland Culver, Willow Young


Best Use of Social Media

1st place: Instagram — Abigail Slimmon

3rd place: Facebook — Leland Culver


Best Headline

1st place: 96.7 p12 He’s a rocket man, Audrey Matzke


Best Single-Page Story Package

1st place: 96.2 p12 Whole new headspace, Ella Beiser, Berk Oto, Julian Ingersoll, Ace Zhang

2nd place: 96.5 p11 Sports on Screens, Nicky Edwards-Levin, Christian Gluth


Best Centerspread Story Package

1st place: 96.5 p6-7 Swipe and scroll, Nikhil Patel, Amanda Cassel, Audrey Matzke, Peter Pu, Maria Shaughnessy

3rd place: 96.6 p6-7 Race for the Nomination, Amanda Cassel, Anathea Carrigan, Nicky Edwards-Levin, Caroline Hohner, Risa Cohen


Best Photo Story

1st place: 95.8 p11 Get on board with spring, Odysseas Nikas, Abigail Slimmon, Katerina Lopez

2nd place: 96.2 p2 Homecoming Week, Mira Costello, Kathy Luan, Maria Shaughnessy, Malcolm Taylor


Best Front-Page Design

1st place: 96.4, Dec. 12, 2019 — Mira Costello

2nd place: 96.7, March 12, 2020 — Ella Beiser


Best Overall Design — pick two issues

1st place: 96.5, Jan. 24, 2020

2nd place: 96.7, March 12, 2020


Best Multimedia Story Package

1st place: Artsfest provides time for creativity, relaxation, Peter Pu, Miriam Bloom, Kathy Luan, Maria Shaughnessy, Elliott Taylor, Malcolm Taylor

2nd place: Campus sound show provides new art experience, Peter Pu


Best Audio Podcast

3rd place: The Bubble: Religion, Jacob Posner, Emma Trone

HM The Bubble: Race, Jacob Posner, Emma Trone


Best Photo Gallery or Photo Slideshow

3rd place: Sept. 30, 2019: Students embrace Spirit Week with fun outfits, Nicky Edwards-Levin, Macy Beal, Kathy Luan, Malcolm Taylor, Maria Shaughnessy

HM March 2, 2020: Art, music, fun abound at Art in the Dark, Peter Pu, Maria Shaughnessy, Leland Culver