Winter, spring sports begin at last


Miriam Bloom

Both spring and winter sports have been given approval to begin their seasons.

Téa Tamburo, Content Manager

Winter and spring sports teams have received approval from the University of Chicago to begin their seasons March 1. 

After being canceled two weeks ago, winter sports teams for boys swimming and diving, dance troupe, fencing and boys and girls basketball will all have shortened playing seasons from March 1-17, and boys soccer, normally a fall sport, will begin the spring season. 

There is still uncertainty whether dance troupe will perform live and if the fencing team will compete. According to Athletics Director David Ribbens, dance troupe will most likely record a video of the performance. 

“It’s a short window of a season, but we thought that it was worthwhile to try to get the seniors at least one last opportunity to be together with their team and perhaps have a contest or two in basketball and swimming,” Mr. Ribbens said. 

Due to the IHSA moving some fall sport teams to the spring, the boys soccer season will compete from March 1 to April 17 and volleyball from March 8 to April 23. This shift results in track and field, girls soccer and boys tennis all beginning April 5. 

“It’s been really exciting with the university allowing us to play,” senior Hunter Heyman, a soccer player, said. “I think just kind of looking back after last year we won state, and that was a really great high and for the seniors it was a nice memory to send them off on. I think for us hopefully trying to repeat that is something that I think we really want to achieve, and that opportunity is something I’m really thankful for.”