Feta pasta takes over TikTok


Audrey Park

Finland’s feta pasta went viral on TikTok, clearing Finland’s grocery store shelves of the cheese.

Audrey Park, Reporter

A newly developed trend and recipe has emerged and taken over the popular app TikTok. Finland’s feta pasta, made of tomatoes and feta cheese, is only one of many ongoing trends circulating the world. Instantly going viral, the first video of the pasta was posted in 2019 by blogger and artist Jenny Häyrinen. After clearing the aisles of feta in Finland, “the pasta” has turned into a pop culture delicacy internationally. 

After grabbing the attention of a whole country and an app, making the recipe was a must — and the result of the dish itself is well worth the excitement. 

Composed of seven ingredients, the famous pasta is not only delectable but is convenient, too. However, best to act fast, as in recent weeks, the newly desired feta cheese has been flying off the shelves of grocery stores worldwide. 

Making the pasta is quite simple and takes around 40 minutes. In fact, the dish spends over half of that time in the oven. Each ingredient plays a crucial role in the final product. Tomatoes give the dish acidity and texture, feta adds a distinct-yet-gentle flavor and basil is the perfect green for the dish, as the herb adds freshness and brightness. 

The dish tastes of an ideal balance between sweetness and savoriness. The pasta tasted creamy, sharp and slightly nutty. It was smooth and creamy to the tongue but tangy and robust on the taste buds. While being rich, the pasta instilled a sharp and distinct flavor. Maybe the best part of all, though, is how adjustable the recipe is. Should your grocery store be one of the many currently cleared of feta, do not worry. You can easily replace it with mozzarella, cheddar, burrata or even parmesan. 

However, for all its gleaming accolades, this recipe is almost too good to be true. At times, the texture is too grainy, and the feta can be slightly bitter. The dish is not the most appealing visually as well. Additionally, individual bites can be inconsistent, with some more smooth and some chunky. 

TikTok is known for inducing not only stylistic trends but also food trends, like the mini-pancake cereal craze and a brief fascination with ice cream cake. Due to the pandemic and the increasing boredom it has caused, it seems as though more are willing to participate in trends as such. Additionally, these trends can bring together a community and spark creativity. 

When craving something delicious but unsure of what to make, this wonderful pasta is sure to satisfy. But what crazy, new, or ingenious trick will be next? Will it soon be quail eggs or okra running short in the aisles of grocery stores? Subject to the whims of viewers and creators, TikTok will doubtlessly continue to surprise and dazzle. However, this month’s current food-fixation, Finland’s feta pasta, is most certainly more than just a passing fad.