Death Cab for Cutie’s ‘Georgia E.P.’ explores broad range of genres


The Georgia E.P. album covers songs from R&B, indie and rock artists while raising awareness for voting rights.

Margot Konetzka, Reporter

In late 2020 a new album raised over $100,000 to promote fair elections and fight election fraud around the country, and now it’s out on all streaming services available to you. Composed of five covers of songs by Georgia artists, the “Georgia E.P.” by Death Cab for Cutie is a wonderful indie-rock blend of covers that is versatile no matter your music taste. 

The album was originally released for 24 hours in December 2020The initial purpose of the album was to raise money and awareness for voting rights activist Stacey Abrams’s Fair Fight Action voter rights organization ahead of January’s Georgia Senate runoff elections. It passed this test with flying colors, raising over $100,000. After the dual Democratic Senate victories, the album was released again to the public, this time for good. It’s even available as a limited edition peach-colored vinyl, as Georgia is nicknamed “The Peach State.” 

Death Cab for Cutie, most often referred to as an alternative rock band, covered songs by contemporary R&B girl group TLC, alternative/indie artists such as Neutral Milk Hotel, R.E.M. and Cat Power, as well as the late rock artist Vic Chesnutt. Despite the songs on the album being covers, Death Cab for Cutie managed to make each song their own and blur the line of genre while staying true to the original song. Some of the songs underwent more change than others, such as TLC’s “Waterfalls,” which was a much more subdued and alternative version to the heavily R&B-influenced original. 

One of the strongest parts of this album is the variation of sound from song to song. Due to the fact that the songs are all covers of different artists in various genres, there is more room to implement different styles or sounds, such as acoustic guitar, electric guitar and background drums more traditionally akin to rock music. The incorporation of such a range of stylistic elements creates a wider variety of potential listeners that can all find something in this album that they enjoy. 

The album is worth a listen for just about anyone. There are elements that people who listen to a broad range of genres can enjoy, as well as elements that cater to more niche tastes. Additionally, people who might be interested in listening to a new genre such as alternative rock could use this as an introductory album. Listening to this album is an enjoyable experience and one I would recommend.