Prioritize programming of healthier school lunches


Midway Staff

Schools must work towards providing healthier school lunches for students, writes reporter Victoria Washington.

Victoria Washington, Reporter

The essential apple, greasy fries and a carton of milk: the classic American school lunch. It’s the expected, but can we do better?
While critics argue that improving school lunches is too costly, healthy school lunches are essential to the wellbeing of students, and more programming is necessary to achieve it.
According to the National Education Association, students who don’t receive adequate nutrition have a harder time focusing.
Additionally, a 2008 analysis from the Harvard School of Public Health found that students who ate healthier meals had lower rates of behavioral problems.
Finally, research conducted at the University of California at Berkeley in 2018 showed a positive correlation between higher school meal quality and academic performance, specifically on tests.
To combat lack of proper nutrition in American schools, elected officials and advocates need to prioritize programming that supports healthier lunch options. The need for improved school lunches is essential: they are the future and are worth every extra buck.