Baseball team involved in vehicle collision


Andrew Burke-Stevenson

While riding a similar bus from the same company, the U-High baseball team was involved in a vehicle collision April 25 when returning from practice.

Erich Raumann, Content Manager

The U-High baseball team was involved in a vehicle collision April 25 when the bus they were riding in collided with another vehicle on the freeway while returning from practice. Nobody involved in the crash was injured. 

The team’s bus is a private charter service, not a school vehicle. The bus suffered minimal damage, but the car the bus collided with was significantly damaged.

 The crash shocked those involved.

“It was mostly us hitting another woman who pulled in front of us,” baseball player James Morin said. “I was standing up grabbing my bags and got thrown across the bus. But other than that it wasn’t much.”

The other car was trying to pass the bus prior to the crash, but the rear of the car caught the left side of the bus, causing the car to spin out and hit another car. There wasn’t an immediate consensus on whose fault the accident was, but to the passengers in the bus, like baseball coach Luke Zavala, it seemed like the car was going above the speed limit. 

“There was the back and forth between whose fault it was, like there normally is anytime there is an accident,” Mr. Zavala said. “Tough to say whose fault it was, but I know that car probably shouldn’t have been going that fast.” 

Most members of the team were picked up by their parents or guardians near the crash site, while the bus driver and some of the coaches rode back to campus on the bus.