UChicago recommends wearing masks on campus when indoors


Andrew Burke-Stevenson

Ninth graders Rohan Gengler and Joonsung Kim converse. The University of Chicago is recommending individuals on its campus to wear a mask indoors.

Téa Tamburo, Deputy Managing Editor

As Chicago’s COVID-19 positivity rate rises, the University of Chicago is recommending individuals on its campus to wear a mask indoors when in the presence of others, director Tori Jueds shared May 11 in a forwarded email from university provost Ka Yee Lee. 

Students agreed with the decision.

“With the increased cases it makes sense that they would go back to more precautions,” junior Donovan Miller said, referencing Lab’s previous mitigation strategies. “I don’t personally mind it.”

Ninth grader Ace Ma doesn’t think the mask recommendation will drastically impact their day.

“I was wearing a mask anyway. It’s just really hot out,” Ace said about the warmer weather when combined with mask wearing.

Like Ace, some Lab community members continued to wear their mask after the school mandate was lifted. College counselor Patty Kovacs wears her mask regardless of the choices of others around her.

“It’s just a piece of cloth,” she said, “and if a piece of cloth can help publicly say that ‘I am considering your health as well as my health,’ that’s a small sacrifice.” 

While Chicago hasn’t reinstated a mask mandate, the city’s community risk level increased to a “medium” May 6. 

Ms. Jueds plans to send additional COVID-19-related communications specific to Lab later this week, she stated in her email.