U-High Midway wins 44 state journalism awards


Gabriel Issa

The U-High Midway has been recognized with several awards by the Illinois Journalism Education Association.

Katie Sasamoto-Kurisu, Reporter

The U-High Midway is again among the top student newspapers in Illinois, winning 19 first place awards in the 2022 Illinois Journalism Education Association Newspaper and Digital News Media Contest.

The Midway won best hybrid publication for its print and online editions, best website and best overall publication for its division composed of high schools with enrollment below 1,000 students.

Two entries published between March 2021 and March 2022 could be submitted for contests. The Midway staff earned recognition in 44 of the 50 pieces entered in 26 categories: 19 first place, 12 second place, 8 third place and 5 honorable mentions.

The full list of awards is below.

Meena Lee, who won a first place award, two second place awards, two third place awards and an honorable mention, said that the awards represent needed recognition for the whole Midway staff.

“It just goes to show again our dedication to the stories that we’re writing and the general Lab community,” she said. “To the staff, it just shows that our hard work isn’t for nothing. People are actually reading it, and it’s good content that we’re creating, and that really matters.”

Best News Story
First place: New law addresses youth mental health, Adrianna Nehme
Second place: Student vaccination rate at ‘excellent place’, Lucia Kouri

Best In-Depth News Story
First place: Mistreated: Faculty of color speak out, Peter Pu
Second place: Heavy workload aggravates students, Peter Pu, Meena Lee

Best Feature Story
First place: Survivors of police torture fight for justice and healing, Audrey Park
Honorable mention: Pronoun problems: Students frustrated when teachers don’t use the right pronouns, Sahana Unni

Best Personality Profile
First place: One book, two cultures: Junior writes children’s book exploring intersectionality, multicultural heritage, William Tan
Third place: Setting up SET: Senior expands knowledge of fashion design through theater, Meena Lee

Best Sports News Story
First place: Sailing team places first in Illinois State Championship, Sahanna Unni
Third place: Citing gender dynamic, some girls uncomfortable using fitness center, Lucia Kouri

Best Sports Feature Story
Third place: Ping Pong Pals: Seniors connect over table tennis tournament, William Tan
Honorable mention: A case of Chronic coaching: Swim coach and paramedic pushes others to succeed, Caroline Hohner

Best Sports Commentary
Honorable mention: Future of soccer threatened by higher-level mismanagement, Christian Gluth

Best Staff Editorial
First place: To curb violence, commit to research, Erich Raumann
Second place: Overwhelmed students need help, Ryan Clark

Best Serious Commentary
First place: Deconstruct the fetishization of Asian women, Meena Lee
Honorable mention: Real diversity is more than “inclusion”, Audrey Matzke

Best Review
First place: Lang Lang’s interpretative sense falters on ‘Goldberg Variations’, Louis Auxenfans
Third place: Fresh take on Spider-Man surpasses expectations, Ethan Swinger

Best News or Feature Photo
Second place: Lake Shore Drive renamed to honor DuSable, Chicago’s first settler, Elliott Taylor
Third place: Russian invasion shock, concerns students of Ukrainian descent, Matt Petres

Best Sports Photo
First place: Winter sports return in full swing (Photo 2: Fencing), Gabriel Issa
Second place: Sailing team places first in Illinois State Championship, Andrew Burke-Stevenson

Best Illustration
First place: Pronoun problems, Dalin Dohrn
Third place: Beijing Olympics, Dalin Dohrn

Best Infographic
First place: Misinformation fast facts, Peter Pu
Third place: Metaverse timeline (augmented reality), Amon Gray

Best Alternative Storytelling
First place: That’s a Wrap, Dec. 16, 2021 (Page 9), Caroline Hohner, Amy Ren

Best Use of Social Media
First place: Instagram
Second place: Facebook

Best Headline
Honorable mention: Covid, controversy, competition, Meena Lee

Best Multimedia Story Package
First place: Pullman: A monumental neighborhood, Louis Auxenfans, Andrew Burke-Stevenson
Second place: Members of Class of 2021 graduate on Jackman Field, Peter Pu, Elliott Taylor, Andrew Burke-Stevenson

Best Audio Journalism
First place: Texting while Zooming: In lieu of quick in-person asides, students text during class, Caroline Hohner
Second place: Parade watchers express differing views on Columbus and holiday, Téa Tamburo, Audrey Matei

Best Photo Gallery or Photo Slideshow
First place: Rock stars: Through rock climbing, students reach new heights, Andrew Burke-Stevenson
Second place: Photo gallery: Faculty face off in Homecoming arm wrestling tournament, staff

Best Single-Page Story Package
Second place: Pfizer frenzy May 6, 2021 (Page 24), Ella Beiser
Third place: Olympics Feb. 10, 2022 (Page 16), Meena Lee, Audrey Park

Best Centerspread Story Package
First place: Doing Our Part March 10, 2022 (Pages 8-9), Berk Oto
Second place: Into the Metaverse Nov. 11, 2021 (Pages 6-7), Berk Oto

Best Front-Page Design
First place: March 10, 2022 (Page 1), Adrianna Nehme

Best Overall Design
First place: March 10, 2022