Podcast ‘Anything Goes’ achieves relatable listening experience

Mia Lipson, Reporter

Emma Chamberlain’s podcast “Anything Goes” features her honest and relatable discussion of any topic and with the feeling of hearing from an old friend. (Emma Chamberlain)

In a scene in the episode “a series of unfortunate events” on Emma Chamberlain’s podcast “Anything Goes,” Ms. Chamberlain recounts a slew of her laughable experiences from the past two months. From her vacation in Paris, to a missing red turtleneck, Ms. Chamberlain shares her relatable misfortunes in a raspy and light-hearted laugh.

Speaking on any topic ranging from mental health to relationships to Coachella, Ms. Chamberlain’s podcast “Anything Goes” offers a genuine, inspiring and personable perspective on experiences that can apply to any audience. 

Ms. Chamberlain is certainly no stranger to content platforms, originating on YouTube in 2016. From there, she extended her vast platform from YouTube videos and branched out to other endeavors such as her coffee brand, Chamberlain Coffee. In 2019, she became a Louis Vuitton ambassador, and recently, in 2021 and 2022, she interviewed for Vogue for the Met Gala. In February 2020, Ms. Chamberlain introduced a new platform to communicate with her enthusiastic audience: her podcast, where she can speak on whatever topic comes to mind for the 30- to 90-minute episode window. 

Despite her large platform, Ms. Chamberlain manages to connect with listeners on “Anything Goes” in what feels like a one-on-one experience with a friend. At their heart, each episode is a probing exploration of any topic Ms. Chamberlain decides to bring to the table. Its authentic discussion is unrestricted and raw and drives the sincere experience. Her banter is often jovial yet deeply self-reflective. For example, in the episode “the pressure to overachieve,” released April 28, Ms. Chamberlain addresses her struggles with burnout, calling back to her time in high school, before her career on social media took off. Despite her platform as a content creator, Ms. Chamberlain relates to any audience. By discussing her experiences, Ms. Chamberlain shares intimate stories, letting listeners know they are not alone. 

  The episodes center around a sole topic which drives the discussion. In some episodes, the themes grow lengthy and repetitive, particularly in the longer segments. In the episodes centered around light-hearted topics, the discussion could benefit from an extended conclusion. For example, in “a series of unfortunate events,” released April 14, Ms. Chamberlain describes a slew of catastrophic events that occurred over the past few months. The story starts off with her ill-timed surfacing of her IBS issues on a trip after arriving in Paris and ends with an unexpected passport photo mishap. While the story is captivating, its connecting thread is left unresolved and unmentioned. 

Still, Ms. Chamberlain is able to keep listeners engaged by revolving around relatable central themes. Exploring a wide menu of accessible topics, “Anything Goes” provides an uplifting listening experience through its personal, probing and often vulnerable exploration in each episode.