Prom will be hosted off-campus for first time since 2019


Chloe Ma

Students gather around a roulette table at last year’s Prom, hosted on Kenwood Mall. This year’s prom will be hosted at the Zhou B. Arts Center in Bridgeport, the first off-campus prom since 2019.

Audrey Matei, Arts Editor

Prom — always one of the most meaningful events for seniors and a rite of passage as they conclude their high school journey. With a theme of “Groovy Garden,” the prom will occur Saturday, June 4, at the Zhou B. Art Center in the Bridgeport neighborhood from 6:30-10:30 p.m., marking the first off-campus prom since 2019. All students must arrive at the venue by 7:30 p.m.

After months of planning and countless dollars in fundraising by the prom committee, prom is finally approaching and will create a unique experience for members of the Class of 2022 and their guests.

Tickets are $40, a low price due to reasons such as the venue contract being transferred from 2020’s canceled prom, which was already partially paid for.

Committee co-chair Ashley Hannah said the venue being predetermined took a strain off the already rushed planning process.

“Because we started prom-com our senior year, we had less time, but having the venue partially paid for and picked out really helped,” she said. “It was relieving knowing the whole time that we had that venue and we just needed the money to pay.”

Committee member Tarini Mutreja said that although the theme of prom is unconventional, it makes the event unique to the Class of 2022.

“We wanted something that was really chic and different from other proms,” Tarini said. “We didn’t want to do one of the standard themes.”

Prom will be mostly the same as it traditionally has been, including food that will be provided. However, COVID-19 precautions will be in place as there were for other events this year. Masks are not required, but proof of vaccination or a negative COVID test are. In addition, all guests must be pre-approved and must follow COVID-19 protocol.

Dean of Students Ana Campos said prom is following precautions that are becoming a new “normal.”

She said, “In one year’s time, everyone has had to adjust, and even last year we had to do the monumental thing that’s now normal.”

Ms. Campos said one unforeseen obstacle is the city’s revised citywide 10 p.m. curfew for minors, which the City Council approved May 25. The curfew only applies to students 17 or younger, and permits them to be out past 10 p.m. if they are returning from a school-sponsored event to their home.

Senior James Sowerby said he’s eager to attend prom.

“I’m excited to see my friends and get together for probably the last time besides graduation,” he said. “I just want to see everyone, see some of the teacher chaperones, have a good time, take lots of pictures and make lots of memories.”