Midway style evolves with revised goals


Midway Staff

The U-High Midway will expand its online presence to engage with more readers and the print paper has been redesigned. Nevertheless, the Midway will maintain its standards of accurate, reliable and timely stories that highlight a diverse range of perspectives.

Clare O'Connor, Téa Tamburo, and William Tan

For nearly a century, the U-High Midway has stood for the core values of informing, educating and serving the U-High community with accurate and timely reporting. This year, we will uphold and build upon these standards by reporting accurate, reliable and timely stories, highlighting a diverse array of perspectives and presenting content that corresponds to the interests of the student body.

We have expanded our social media presence over the past year, but there’s room for improvement. By maximizing content on platforms like Schoology, Facebook and Instagram, while keeping our website as the dominant information hub, we aspire to make content as easily accessible as possible. Improving our presence on these platforms will allow us to interact with you, the reader, in a way that is more personal and meaningful. Better polls, quizzes and updates on newsworthy events will hopefully engage the wider community online.

With the U-High community at the forefront of our mission, the Midway has been redesigned to better represent the continuous growth of the Midway’s style and content alongside the ever-changing student body we represent. Stylistic decisions for colors, fonts and layout reflect our wish to present a newspaper that is progressive and contemporary in addition to the professionalism and readability that the previous newspaper design carried. We hope our choices honor our intended evolution as a newspaper while maintaining the foundation of the Midway’s previous aesthetic and values.

Finally, we will strive to continue to shed light on the multitude of voices in the community, across all our platforms, and we acknowledge our community’s diverse activities, interests and opinions. As we begin the new school year, we encourage students to stay informed by seeking credible, mainstream news sources, and we encourage our readers to actively contribute to the Midway’s content.