Students, employees will test twice before returning from Thanksgiving


Malcolm Taylor

Due to an expected rise in COVID-19 numbers as winter starts, students and employees are being asked to take two COVID-19 tests before returning to school Nov. 28.

Louis Auxenfans, News Editor

The Laboratory Schools administration is asking students and employees to take two COVID-19 tests before returning to school Nov. 28 after Thanksgiving Break, according to a schoolwide email sent by Marsha East, associate director of schools for finance and operations. 

Rapid antigen test kits will be distributed on Wednesday for U-High students, Thursday for 8th graders, and on Friday for the rest of the school. Students and employees will take the first test on Saturday, Nov. 26, and the second test on the morning of Monday, Nov. 28. Positive results should be reported to the nurses, and the person should stay home. Negative results do not need to be reported.

Public health officials are expecting another winter COVID-19 wave as well as an increase in flu and RSV infections, according to the email, so school officials ask students and employees to take these steps to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. 

In addition, employees and students are encouraged to keep up to date with COVID-19 and flu immunizations, as well as utilize the weekly SHIELD tests this winter. Participants can drop off their SHIELD tests at the bin in the high school or Judd entrances.