Corvus Gallery exhibit celebrates senior artists


Ellis Calleri

Two students examine a piece on display at the senior show in the Corvus Gallery. The show will run until May 13 and is a display of many types of art.

Edward Park, reporter

The Senior Art Show, an art exhibition that occurs every spring featuring senior artwork, has begun its run in the Corvus Gallery in Gordon Parks Arts Hall and will conclude May 13. 

Graham Robbins works as the gallery intern under fine arts teacher Gina Alicea this year and was the curator of the Senior Art Show. Graham described the display as a chance for students at Lab to celebrate the graduating seniors.

“We try to bring in a variety of different art forms, like sculpture, painting, drawing and if there’s things like film or photography, costume design, and things like that to show the variety of student art that there is, so that everyone at Lab, not just seniors, can appreciate that and celebrate before seniors leave and go off to college,” Graham said.

Zara Baig, a senior who participated as an artist for the show, said her experience in preparing and participating in the show was special for her.

“I definitely feel like my work is being celebrated,” she said. “I’ve worked on art for a really big part of my life. And so I think having come to this point, and my skills is something that I’m really proud of. And I feel really happy that I’m able to kind of put it on display.”

Graham said the art show was also an opportunity for students to appreciate not only seniors but student artists.

“A lot of students, you know, we celebrate them for winning, you know, competitions like math team, or science team, or debate or Model UN. And so we see sort of the awards that they bring in,” he said. “So it’s a way to sort of highlight the fact that we have students, seniors, but really students in general who are extremely accomplished in the arts doing really amazing things.”