Sailing team places 9th in national regatta


Henry Benton

Sophomore Jack Colyer rigs his sailboat during a practice May 25 at the Columbia Yacht Club.

Edward Park, Reporter

The sailing team placed ninth in the National Invitational Regatta on May 20-21 at the Massapoag Yacht Club in Sharon, Massachusetts. 

The event was one of the two national events the team qualified for this season. This regatta was a team racing event, where pairs of sailors competed against teams from other schools.

Ilana Umanskiy, a sophomore who sails as a crew, shared that the experience helped her grow as a sailor.

“Personally, I made my goal since I learned how to team race this year,” she said. “I didn’t get to go to nationals last year. I was sailing with the seniors and I think personally the regatta was a success for me.”

However, Ilana said the team did not do as well as expected.

“Usually on the first day we don’t do as well and we usually make a comeback on the second day. This time, we weren’t able to do that. Lot of us were tired and the weather on the first day was bad,” she said. 

The team started in MISA Central, where teams from Chicago-area schools participated. They placed in the top five, earning an opportunity to compete against MISA qualifiers, in which they placed in the top four and secured their chance to compete in the national regattas.

After competing in the recent team racing regatta, the sailing team has been preparing for their second national event, the Phebe King Memorial Trophy, which will take place June 3-4 in Hampton, Virginia.

Jack Colyer, a sophomore sailing as a skipper, expressed hope for the upcoming event.

“We’re obviously proud of how we did, but at the same time, I think we can do better,” Jack said. “So just the goal is just moving forward to keep sailing well, and hopefully go and do better.”