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Vox Pop: 2024 presidential election

Midway Staff
In this Vox Pop, we ask students who will vote in the 2024 Presidential election which issues are the most important.

You will be voting in the presidential election on Nov. 5, 2024. What is an issue you think should be discussed and why? 

“I think climate change and its impacts need to be addressed. Given how poor our country is going on this front compared to other countries, this issue should be on the front of our minds.”

— Skyler Albert, senior

“I haven’t thought too much about it yet, but I would hope that some of the issues regarding what roles race has to play in everyday life like education and neighborhood investment. I would also like for them to address global warming and people’s rights and freedom of expression.”

— Myles Cobb, senior

“I think an under-discussed issue is the child tax credit. For a year during the pandemic, families got compensated with cash in order to pay household expenses. This would be really transformative for a lot of people and we should bring it back.”

— Simon Lane, junior

“One issue that is really important is the immigration crisis unfolding currently, especially from countries like Venezuela and Nicaragua. Millions are fleeing and coming to the states, and while it seems like certain policies are being implemented here to help those immigrants, things like DACA are still paused. I would want to see how further aid could be pursued and creation of more legal pathways to obtain work as an immigrant, and I’d want to see more of a conversation surrounding why so many are fleeing those countries in the first place.”

— Zoe Nathwani, senior

“I believe that they should discuss things like abortion and foreign policy. These two issues are very important to voters throughout the country, so having the candidates give their stance on these issues would make the choice of who to vote for much easier.”

— George Ofori-Mante, junior

“I think that we need to focus on the deficit because firehose money government policy hurts poor people the most in society because it prices them out of the market for basic necessities. This would be done by passing a law that says that Congress members are ineligible to run for reelection if the deficit goes over 5% GDP.”

— Alex Rupple, senior

“I think in the upcoming election we will see a lot of hateful rhetoric, we’ll see anti-trans rhetoric, anti-Black rhetoric and a lot of anti-immigrant rhetoric. Even if I don’t get my leftist values included, if I don’t get Medicare for all pushed, working class rights, even if there’s no push for unions in the Democratic party, which is what I am likely to vote for, I would much rather a candidate that does not espouse racist values.”

— Rathin Shah, senior

“I think that talking about the role that the United States plays in supporting countries going through conflict. I’d like to see [candidates] talk about the role the United States plays because I think it’s been so messy, and there’s been a lot of backlash in how the Biden administration has reacted, and sent funds to Israel.” 

— Stella Sturgill, senior

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