Social Justice Week will take place via Zoom April 20-24


Amanda Cassel, Managing Editor

Unfazed by remote learning, the Social Justice Week committee is continuing tradition and will run workshops via Zoom April 20-24 related to this year’s theme RESIST, an acronym for Reclaim, Equity, Sustainability, Intersectionality, Solidarity and Take action.

Workshops through the week will be held during lunch daily, as well as after school on Monday, open time on Tuesday and assembly period on Thursday. Workshop descriptions and Zoom information can be found on the Social Justice Week website

Civil rights icon  Mary Beth Tinker will share her story as a plaintiff in the Supreme Court case Tinker vs. Des Moines and will answer questions at a Zoom webinar during Thursday’s assembly period. Families are welcome to join. Registration is required.

 According to Social Justice Week co-leader Eliza Doss, each day of the week represents a letter of RESIST, starting with “Reclaim” on Monday. 

“Each day’s workshops, and really each workshop, carries a different message relating to our theme, RESIST,” Eliza said.

For Eliza, it was particularly important to keep Social Justice Week, despite not being able to hold it in person.

“This week is a really important time for students to step out of academics and think about being an individual and the community,” Eliza said. “We have some really great workshops lined up, and obviously we won’t have the same turnout as a required assembly would have, but there is so much people can take away from these workshops.”


The schedule is:

Monday (Reclaim): 12:20-12:55 p.m. “Inclusive Classics: Retelling Greco-Roman Myths for the 21st Century” hosted by Classic Club 4-5 p.m.; UCLS Climate Strike poster making

Tuesday (Equity): 10-11 a.m. Poster making with  UCLS Climate Strike; 10:05-40 a.m. Student Forum hosted by Student Council, the DEI Peer Facilitators and Social Justice Week Committee; 12:20-12:55 p.m. “Implicit Bias in STEM” hosted by Women in STEM 

Wednesday (Sustainability): 12:20-12:55 p.m. “Is it Racist to Laugh? The Place of Comedy in a PC World” hosted by Young Men of Color; 12:20-12:55 p.m. “The Disability Experience” hosted by Students with Disabilities Association

Thursday (Solidarity): 10:10-11:05 a.m. (Assembly Period) “Celebrate the Power of Young Voices with Mary Beth Tinker” Zoom webinar hosted by journalism teacher Logan Aimone and SJW; 12:25-12:55 p.m.  “I’m white and I want to be an anti-racist. How do I do that?” hosted by WARE (White Anti-Racist Educators) 

Friday (Take Action): 12:20-12:55 p.m.  “So you want to talk about race?” hosted by the High School DEI Coordinators; 12:20-12:55 p.m. “Privilege and the Pandemic” hosted by U-High Progressives