To bring grade together, Class of 2023 Student Council serves rigatoni pasta


Andrew Burke-Stevenson

Sophomore Vice President Graham Robbins hands out rigatoni pasta after school on May 24 to participate in the “eat a bowl of rigatoni pasta” trend.

Audrey Matei, Reporter

The Class of 2023 Student Council served rigatoni pasta after school on May 24 to participate in the “eat a bowl of rigatoni pasta” trend. 

The trend emerged from a 2020 TikTok video stating that viewers should eat a bowl of rigatoni pasta on May 24, 2021. The video became a running joke due to its random subject and comically far-away date, gaining more attention as time progressed. 

Class President Fermi Boonstra and Vice President Graham Robbins coordinated the event and cooked the pasta themselves in order to bring the grade together after months of virtual events.

“[The turnout] was really great because we’re so used to hosting Zooms and playing ‘Among Us’,”  Fermi said. “Ten to 15 people usually showed up to those, so seeing all these people was really nice.”

Student Council wanted students to enjoy themselves during the stressful last few weeks of school.

“If it gets people together then it’s good,” Graham said. “It’s good to have a meal while studying for finals.”

Although this event was in the works for a long time, the University of Chicago only approved it on Friday, giving the Student Council a short amount of time to prepare for the event on Monday.

Dozens of students enjoyed the event and admired the commitment of the Student Council to organize it on a tight schedule.

“I really liked the event. It gave everyone the chance to come together after school and do something we all enjoyed,” Serena Thomas said. “The Student Council put a lot of time into the event. Fermi and Graham brought in a lot of boxes of rigatoni this morning, and I’m really impressed they did all that cooking.”