StudCo aims to improve student life

Abby Slimmon, Reporter

Student Council has been busy this quarter extending ID privileges, putting speakers in the cafeteria and making a pamphlet that lists all the clubs to improve the overall student environment.

Sophomore class president Ben Cifu worked with Director of Security Craig Nance to get student access to the high school entrance extended from 5:45 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. While this privilege does not extend to the gym building, a security guard will be in the gym entrance from 8 a.m. to 8p.m. to let students in.

All-School Cultural Union President Florence Almeda has been working to install speakers in Café Lab to play music on Fridays during lunch. She was inspired to initiate the bill by the music in the cafeteria during Spirit Week.

“Having music playing completely changed the vibe of the cafeteria,” Florence said about her proposed bill. “The hope of having speakers in the café each Friday is to bring the U-High community closer together and celebrate the student body for making it to Friday.”

Florence and other Student Council members developed a bill to make a playlist of songs previously played at school dances and other approved, school-appropriate songs that students could request through a Google form.

“In addition, we plan to download the playlist on a computer and turn off the Wi-Fi so students can access all the songs on the playlist, but can’t search their own music,” Florence said.

Florence said she hopes to get the speakers in the café by the start of winter quarter.

Junior Class President Shiva Menta and Director of Student Technological Services, Campbell Phalen, a junior, printed a pamphlet describing all the clubs at U-High, which will be distributed to the admissions office and high school office for new students and families.