Health and fitness club promotes wellness


Kaden Moubayed

Juniors Carter Chang (left) and Leyton Mueller (right) attend the U-High Health and Fitness club.

Taariq Ahmed, Reporter

As weights of all sizes fly off the rack and words of encouragement fill the atmosphere, a positive, motivational energy flows throughout the fitness center. Every Tuesday during lunch, the Health and Fitness club educates members on the importance of nutrition and wellness through lessons and applications. The Health and Fitness Club aims to balance learning with utilizing gained knowledge toward exercise regimes. 

Club meetings usually start with a presentation about nutrition or wellness delivered by club leader Carter Chang, a junior. Carter’s knowledge comes from an independent study he created last year to understand the different components of nutrition and wellness. After the presentation, Carter leads a synchronous workout typically related to the lesson taught that day. 

Carter said he founded the club to share his knowledge and experiences with others.

“Health and fitness have been really impactful in my life, and I got into it over the pandemic,” Carter said. “It has done wonderful things to me and I feel like it’s something that I hope to share and to shine light on.”

Junior Kaden Moubayed has been a member of the club since its founding last year. Kaden is an active exerciser outside of school and enjoys the presence of similar-minded people in the club.

“It’s a really open environment,” Kaden said. “I think we’re all striving for the same goal of becoming fit, and keeping good nutrition, and getting stronger and taking care of our bodies.”

The nutritional education aspect of the Fitness Club was only introduced this year. In the past, the club members primarily focused on exercising. Kaden said the addition is a move toward a complete interpretation of fitness.

“I think it’s a great improvement,” Kaden said. “Fitness is not only weightlifting and getting stronger, it’s also keeping your body healthy and strong as well. I think it’s a really great addition by [Carter].”

Health and Fitness Club is a part of Yeast Whey, a community outreach program that Carter created to teach children of all ages about the benefits of health and fitness. Through Yeast Whey, Carter has worked with schools and organizations across Chicago that focus on health education. Carter shares the same content that he uses at the Health and Fitness Club and engages with kids through interactive games. Members of the Health and Fitness Club are also asked to contribute content to the program. 

In the future, Carter hopes to spread his messages further by expanding his audience.

“I started by creating my club and then I created my program geared toward the youth, and then I linked the two,” Carter said. “My whole purpose now is to reach as many communities and people as possible to shine light on health and fitness.”