Principal search begins

Priyanka Shrijay, Editor-in-Chief

Lab has taken the first steps in the search for a new high school principal, aided by a consultants from a recruitment firm and a Lab Schools selection committee as well as separate student and parent advisory boards.

Representatives from Carney Sandoe & Associates were on campus meeting with faculty, staff and students on Dec. 10 to help learn about Lab and the position. Principal Stephanie Weber announced on Nov. 27 that she will be leaving the Lab Schools in June 2019 after spending three years at U-High.

Stephanie Weber

Lab Schools Director Charlie Abelmann said the position will be advertised through the University of Chicago as well as Carney Sandoe. Working with Carney Sandoe, the school will narrow the applicant pool, invite candidates to the school, hold an open forum with candidates, and receive input from parents, faculty, staff, administration and students. Some members of the Lab community will be given opportunities to interview candidates.

That input will lead to a recommendation to Dr. Abelmann, who will make the decision to hire the new principal.

In a Midway interview, Ms. Weber communicated that she leaves the high school in a better and more stable place.

“I am really impressed with how hard the curriculum committee has been working and with departments to think about what’s next for the high school and to take steps in developing the next phase of program and am grateful to have been able to steer them through this process,” she said.

Ms. Weber did not indicate her future plans.