Class of 2023 elects Student Council representatives

Leland Culver, Assistant Editor

The Class of 2023 elected Fermi Boonstra as class president, Ellie Pinto as vice president, and Akshay Badlani and Charlie Benton to Cultural Union on Sept. 27.

As president, Fermi said she wants to make sure the Class of 2023 really gets to know one another both in and out of class.

I want to be able to transform the Class of 2023 into a family where people are comfortable with each other, can connect with each other and are highly spirited,” Fermi said.

Ellie also stated she wanted to bring the class together, saying she wanted to make this year “the best year possible.”

For Cultural Union, Charlie said in his speech that he would foster good communication, and Akshay wants to make sure school events are exciting for everyone.

Around 30 freshmen attended the speeches on Sept. 26. Almost three quarters of the class voted in this election, according to the U-High student council website.