9th graders: What clubs are you joining?


Audrey Matzke, Features Editor

Vincent Zhang
Ishani Hariprasad
Daniel O’Connor
Lena Stole






 Ishani Hariprasad: I joined Charms for Champions. We make bracelets and we sell them to the Lab community, and all the proceeds go to other organizations. It’s super fun to make bracelets, and it’s going to a good cause, too.

Daniel O’Connor: I joined Linnaean society. Last year, they made a rocket, and it seems really cool. I’m hoping to learn about different subjects in science that I haven’t really studied.

Vincent Zhang: I joined Robotics and Finance club. I’m really interested in robotics. I did that in middle school and finance seems pretty fun and useful in the future. 

Lena Stole: I joined wildlife conservation club. Last year m, I did animal conservation team. I want to help animals and wildlife, but I also just want to hang out with friends and try something new.