Pandemic roundup: Closures, initiatives, how other schools are doing


Midway Staff

Obama's commencement speech and changes to the food delivery industry are covered in May 14's roundup.

Berk Oto, Assistant Editor

The Midway is providing periodic updates regarding the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on U-High students, faculty and others in the community. 


Jackman field closes along with city parks to prevent spread of COVID-19

The Laboratory Schools’ Jackman Field complex will remain closed during Illinois’ stay-at-home order according to Lab’s Director of Operations Joe Wachowski. The closure is in compliance with the city’s closure of the Lakefront Trail lakefront park land, Riverwalk and the 606 Trail, which also bans gatherings and contact sports, including soccer. This put an end to a short-lived pilot opening of the complex.

  According to Mr. Wachowski, the decision will be re-evaluated once state and local social distancing mandates are lifted. 


University of Chicago community support initiative

From toilet paper shortages to a temporary end to dine-in options at restaurants, the COVID-19 pandemic has upended aspects of daily life that were otherwise taken for granted.

  To address some of the immediate needs of local residents, businesses and community-based nonprofits as they navigate the COVID-19 pandemic, the University of Chicago will launch the first stage of its community support effort on March 30

According to the University, this will include providing 3,000 meals a day for ten weeks and $1 million in grants to local businesses. The purpose is to help soften the effect on 76% of small businesses and more than 100,000 Illinoisians who lost their jobs last week.

For those who want to help their effort, the University provides links to donate money for its local initiatives along with donations to support the University of Chicago Medical Center, blood donations and donations to University students in need.


How high schools around the country are dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic

Communities around the United States have had different reactions and rules to curb the spread of COVID-19. Student journalists around the country have been reporting on how those rules have impacted their schools and neighborhoods.

Student editors at the Harker School in San Jose, California, encouraged their peers to be brave during the pandemic.

Reporters from the student newspaper of the Redondo Union high school in Redondo Beach, California, highlighted a unique story from their community.

A student newspaper editor from Elkhart Memorial High School in Elkhart, Indiana, showcased her story of living with someone who had the virus.

Seniors at the Mississippi School for Mathematics and Science in Columbus, Mississippi shared their grief about the pandemic.

The student newspaper for Downers Grove South High School in Downers Grove, Illinois showed how their community reacted to the spread of the virus

An immunocompromised student attending the Henry W. Grady High School in Atlanta, Georgia shared their perspective during the pandemic.

This is only a sampling of stories from high schools around the country — more stories about the virus are compiled on the Student Newspapers Online network.