First all-school sing builds community

Talia Goerge-Karron, Editor-in-Chief

From “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” to “We Shall Overcome,” students from the youngest grades through high school sang together at the first-ever All-School Sing mid-day April 5 on Jackman Field. Created by Director Charlie Abelmann, the All-School Sing was the first step in a more comprehensive plan to bring together the entire Lab community, even though attendance from high school students was low.

It was mainly lower and middle school kids. I didn’t see many high schoolers there, and the ones that were were really just enjoying the ambience.”

— Vivian Liang, senior

Evoking the nostalgic lobby sings held at the lower school, the event was one step toward building community through singing.

“I think song in and of itself has a very powerful ability to help create a sense of joy and spirit,” Dr. Abelmann said, “and  I also think that depending on the songs that you pick that the content of the songs convey important messages for a community.”

After noting that Lab’s different schools had few all school traditions together, Dr. Abelmann wanted to create something akin to an old traditions that existed when the school was smaller.

“My view is that healthy schools build and foster a sense of community spirit and that happens through all kinds of different traditions and rituals, and we are fortunate to have a lot of traditions and rituals,” Dr. Abelmann said.

Charlie Abelmann, Lab Schools Director

According to Vivian Liang, the attendance from U-High was less than other schools, but the general idea of a singing event was well thought out.

“It was a good effort,” Vivian, a senior, said. “It was mainly lower and middle school kids. I didn’t see many high schoolers there, and the ones that were there were really just enjoying the ambience.”

In order to increase high schoolers’ attendance and enjoyment, Dr. Abelmann hopes the buddy system (which exists with some classes) expands to increase interaction at different age levels by matching all younger students with high school students.

Dr. Abelmann wants to hear ideas from students for future events that could bring the whole community together.

He said, “My hope is that this event inspires others to suggest ideas for how we can come together as a community.”