Dress-up days, school spirit events to make up spirit week activities

Spirit week will feature themed dress-up days and virtual festivities.

Spirit week will feature themed dress-up days and virtual festivities.

Krishita Dutta, Reporter

A collection of dress-up days and multiple virtual school spirit events make up spirit week Oct. 5-9.

Spirit week launched with white out day on Monday followed by hat day on Tuesday, maroon day on Wednesday, pajama day on Thursday and Halloween costume day on Friday. 

Besides the themed days, Cultural Union has planned the Fall Fest competition for students to enter as teams and participate in friendly-yet-competitive activities. Sign-ups will close Oct. 9, but each member of the winning team will win $25. In abiding to pandemic guidelines, all the challenges conducted by the teams of three to five people will take place online. 

Cultural Union President Noor Asad said that Student Council encourages students to show up to their Zoom classes in the theme of the day, through either changing Zoom backgrounds to fit the theme or dressing up accordingly.

“Right now, I think a lot of us are feeling the effects of not being at school and not being able to enjoy things like seeing our friends every day anymore, but I think participating in school spirit can have a unifying effect on the school,” Noor said.

Noor said, “We’re also in the process of creating a video to send out on Wednesday with some things we’d normally include in the spirit assembly.”

This article was updated for accuracy on Oct. 6.