U-High journalism programs receive national recognition


Malcolm Taylor

The U-High Midway received the Silver Crown Award in the hybrid category from the Columbia Scholastic Press Association.

Krishita Dutta, Arts Co-Editor

U-High’s journalism programs have earned national recognition with both group-wide and individual awards.

The U-High Midway has received the Silver Crown Award in the hybrid category for 2022 from the Columbia Scholastic Press Association, getting recognized for both print and online work. This is the Midway’s fifth Crown Award in a row, and 25th Crown overall. Alongside announcing awards for U-High’s print news from June 2020 to June 2021 and its digital news from October 2020 to October 2021, the association also recognized U-High’s 2021 yearbook publication, and U-High’s photojournalism team with individual awards.

According to Editor-in-chief Berk Oto, winning the award has provided a surge of motivation.

“It’s definitely validating for the whole staff, because sometimes you get so into the work you don’t really understand the impact,” Berk said, “but when we get these awards it’s like a pat on the back, letting us know that we’re doing a great job.”

Furthermore, Berk believes this award recognizes the work U-High Midway has put into strengthening the platform’s online publications.

“Before the last two years, our online content wasn’t as strong, and wasn’t getting the same level of recognition,” he said. “Because of the way our content is presented and distributed digitally, it now matches the level of our print content, and I think this award proves that.”

The association awarded Midway staff members for specific stories and skills:

The association also awarded U-High’s photojournalism staff with awards for specific images and collections: 

The association awarded the 2021 U-Highlights yearbook team with awards specific to yearbook content:

  • Sasha Watson, yearbook sports reporting, certificate of merit, “Smooth Sailing”
  • Sophia Baker, yearbook academic writing, certificate of merit, “Going Above and Beyond”
  • Iris Xie, Class of 2021, yearbook title page, certificate of merit
  • U-Highlights staff, yearbook index, certificate of merit
  • U-Highlights staff, yearbook feature presentation, certificate of merit, “2020 Life”