Labstock engages community with events, activities


Ellis Calleri

Junior Adam Syverson plays guitar for a crowd at Labstock, Student Council’s annual end-of-year celebration held by Student Council.

Edward Park, Reporter

Joyous laughter and the scent of the barbecue filled Scammon Garden on the afternoon of June 2 at Student Council’s Labstock, the annual end-of-year celebration.

The event featured musical performances from students and faculty, and many gathered around to watch, starting with a performance by Adam Syverson, a junior. Several more performances by faculty members and students continued over two hours, including a rap performance by Evan Lok, a junior, and Emmett Goolsbee, a former U-High student who now attends Interlochen Center for the Arts in Michigan.

Teachers were busy grilling hot dogs and burger patties, which students enjoyed for free. Several activities were open, including mini hoops, chess boards and bubble tubes, where students had fun playing.

Sophomore Mihir Epel said the event brought a successful end to the school year, and said he is satisfied with Student Council’s work.

“I think this wraps up an amazing school year with some amazing music and amazing events. I love what StudCo has done this year for Labstock,” Mihir said.

Class of 2024 president Samuel Pastor said the event was an accomplishment due to Student Council’s hard work and dedication.

“​​I think the events are great. As a member of Student Council, I know that a lot of planning went into it,” Samuel said. “A lot of people worked really hard to get this event to where it is and just by looking around right now I can tell that a lot of people are having the time of their lives.”