In wake of terminated teacher, student hangs posters critical of administration

Olivia Griffin, Midway Reporter

While many students have offered visible public reactions to the news on Jan. 8 that science teacher Daniel Bobo-Jones’ had been terminated as a teacher at Lab, some have done more than hang a sign on their locker. One student put up new posters Jan. 15 in the passage between Gordon Parks Arts Hall and Judd Hall next to the Lab Mission Statement.

Junior Charlie Kistenbroker hung a series of posters that echoed the format and language in the mission statement. Some of the posters read, “We Value Big Donations over Big Communities,” while others said, “We Value University Politics over Common Sense.”

Charlie emphasized that she believes that the administration should spend more time and energy listening to what the students have to say.

Charlie said she wanted to speak out and send a message to the administration depicting how she felt about Mr. Bobo-Jones’ termination.

Charlie’s father, David Kistenbroker, is the chair of the Laboratory Schools Board of Directors, and Charlie said Mr. Kistenbroker did not know about the posters before she posted them at school the morning of Jan. 15. She added that the posters represent only her opinion.

“They were by no means directed towards the board,” she said, adding that she directed her message toward Laboratory Schools Director Charlie Abelmann and U-High Principal Stephanie Weber.

Charlie Kistenbroker said that though the posters did not specifically mention Mr. Bobo-Jones, talking with other students and faculty members made her more upset about the situation and want to speak out.