Online fundraiser established for Bobo-Jones


Priyanka Shrijay, Editor-in-Chief

An online fundraiser has been established for  recently terminated science teacher Daniel Bobo-Jones. Computer science teacher Marty Billingsley set up the GoFundMe fundraiser and said it is intended to help support Mr. Bobo-Jones and his family now that he is no longer teaching at U-High.

“I decided to make the GoFundMe for Mr. Jones because he has a family, he just bought a house — and now all of a sudden he’s without income,” she said. “He needs to be able to support his family. As teachers, we need to support one another. At the end of the day, what is this world if we don’t help each other.”

As of the afternoon of Jan. 25, $8,300 had been contributed to the $10,000 goal through 56 donations.

Physical education teacher Pete Miller commented on the website in support of Mr. Bobo-Jones.

He said, “I donated because Dan would do the same for you and me.”