Faculty vote shows no confidence in Weber


Jacob Posner and Otto Brown

Nearly half the members of the high school faculty have no confidence in High School Principal Stephanie Weber. The results of a vote taken by secret ballot Jan. 23-24 indicate a plurality of the high school faculty no longer find Ms. Weber an effective leader of U-High.

According to an email sent to the Midway from Jean-Franklin Magrou, co-chair of the high school faculty, he and co-chair Patty Kovacs delivered a letter with the results of the no confidence vote to Ms. Weber’s office Jan. 28. Ms. Kovacs said that there are no official steps associated with a vote of no confidence and said the Steering Committee would move forward slowly.

Ms. Weber announced on Nov. 27, 2018, that she will leave her position at the end of June after three years as principal. She has not indicated future plans.

The vote came two weeks after science teacher Daniel Bobo-Jones was terminated.

Of the 84 high school faculty members, 41 voted no confidence, 10 expressed confidence and 3 abstained, according to an email from Mr. Magrou obtained by the Midway. Thirty didn’t vote.

High school faculty members met after school Jan. 18 for more than 90 minutes. The faculty present voted in favor of holding a no-confidence vote, according to David Derbes, a physics teacher.