Club provides relaxing space to watch, discuss soccer


Patrice Graham

Members of the Soccer Viewing Club discuss their fantasy soccer drafts.

Milo Platz-Walker, Reporter

Those who want a place to watch and debate about professional soccer now have a club. The newly formed Soccer Viewing Club meets every Friday during lunch in C211.

According to club founder Ayush Mishra, the club is intended to provide a relaxing space for students to watch soccer games and highlights, share opinions on players, compete in Kahoot quizzes and play fantasy soccer with one another.

“We’re really just a group of friends who enjoy watching soccer together,” Ayush said.

According to Ayush, members of the club support different players, coaches and teams, which leads to debates within the club.

Goals for the club include raising money for school players who cannot afford new gear through fundraisers within the club.

Ayush started the club as an eighth grade student during distance learning. 

“The process of moving it to the high school took a while,” Ayush said. “Between filling out the forms, and collecting the 10 emails it was pretty tedious.”