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U-High Midway wins 50 awards in state-wide contest

Midway Staff
The U-High Midway received 50 awards in the 2024 Illinois Journalism Education Association Newspaper and Digital News Media Contest, which is a contest for top journalism programs in the state.

The U-High Midway received 50 awards in the 2024 Illinois Journalism Education Association Newspaper and Digital News Media Contest, a state-wide contest for top journalism programs. 

Additionally, the Midway has again been named Best Hybrid Publication and Best Overall Publication in its state-wide division for schools with enrollment up to 840 students. In total, the Midway received 25 first places, 17 second places, 5 third places and 3 honorable mentions. 

Light Dohrn, assistant editor, won both first and second place in the review category for her reviews on “One Piece” and “The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes.” Reviews being her favorite style of journalism to write made winning all the more special, Light said. 

“I really love watching or reading or consuming media and then getting to think about it in a sort of analytical and journalistic way,” she said. 

Now being in advanced journalism, Light feels a much closer connection to the Midway team, and in turn the awards, than when she was a beginning journalist. 

“When we receive recognition now, I’m able to really feel part of the crew, part of the family,” she said. 

The full list of awards is below:

Best Hybrid Publication

Best Overall Publication

News Story

1st: Multiple thefts reported this month, Sahana Unni

2nd: University bars land acknowledgement statements, Clare McRoberts

In-Depth News Story

1st: Students use Zyn nicotine products, despite discouragement, Audrey Park

2nd: Fact or fiction: Teens use social media as news source, risks included, Clare McRoberts

Feature Story

2nd: Hiding honky-tonk, Audrey Park

3rd: Fragrance fanatics: trend sparks student interest in cologne, Sahana Unni

Personality Profile

1st: Sewn together: Ki Kim and Yang Kim, Skye Freeman

2nd: Juggling Act: Senior works to explore passions with numerous roles in upcoming fall play, Taariq Ahmed

Sports News Story

1st: 7 seniors commit to play college athletics in community event, Taariq Ahmed

Sports Feature Story

1st: Coaching with care: Tyrone Mason, Jaya Alenghat

2nd: Muslim student athletes navigate fasting during Ramadan while maintaining physical endurance, Jaya Alenghat

Sports Commentary

1st: A new White Sox stadium would be beneficial but nonessential, Jaya Alenghat

3rd: Like their male counterparts, allow female athletes to display emotion during competitions, Victoria Washington

Staff Editorial

1st: After alarm, attitude must change, Mia Lipson

2nd: Election breach threatens student voice, Clare McRoberts

Serious Commentary

1st: It’s time to end legacy admissions, Clare McRoberts

HM: Mindy Kaling’s depiction of Indian women isn’t a step forward, Sahana Unni


1st: Live-action anime series, ‘One Piece,’ exceeds expectations, Light Dohrn

2nd: ‘The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes’ brings strong acting, flawed storytelling, Light Dohrn

News or Feature Photo

1st: A community essential: Phillip Raoul (main image), Eli Raikhel

HM: Arm wrestling battle, (Photo 2), Alex Diamond

Sports Photo

1st: One-run loss ends baseball season, Matthew McGehee (Class of 2024)

3rd: Gallery: Winter sports in review (Photo 3: Boys basketball), Ellis Calleri

Editorial Cartoon

2nd: Election breach threatens student voice, Eliza Dearing

HM: Safety changes emphasize distrust, Eliza Dearing

Best Illustration

1st: In-Depth: Affirmative Apprehension, Eliza Dearing

3rd: Arts: Deceptive drama, Sygne Stole


1st: 99.1-06 In-Depth: Affirmative Apprehension (6 key events timeline), Audrey Park

3rd: 99.5-09 Arts: Five to Try, Chloë Alexander

Alternative Storytelling

1st: News: Fresh faces, Audrey Park, Katie Sasamoto-Kurisu, Sahana Unni

2nd: In-Depth: U-High students also aren’t too enthusiastic (poll), Katie Sasamoto-Kurisu

Use of Social Media

1st: Instagram


2nd: Features: Fragrance Fanatics, ClareMcRoberts, Katie Sasamoto-Kurisu

Multimedia Story Package

1st: Balancing Act: A brotherly bond drives twin gymnasts Akshay and Kavan Puri to success, William Tan (Class of 2024), Matt Petres (Class of 2024)

2nd: Mocktail Mania: Fruity, fizzy drinks offer nonalchoholic, fun beverage option, Haley Maharry, Jaya Alenghat, Chloë Alexander, Clare McRoberts, Olin Nafziger

Video Story

1st: Video: Taylor Swift fans unite over clothing, bracelets and songs, Clare McRoberts

2nd: New club provides outlet for musicians, gives back to community, Haley Maharry

Audio Journalism

1st: Audio: Chicago music school experiences boom in business, Ari Novak

2nd: Audio: Band shares joy of music with youngest Lab students in Halloween parade, Skye Freeman

Photo Gallery or Photo Slideshow

1st: ArtsFest activities reflect students spirit, creativity, Taariq Ahmed, Chloë Alexander, Skye Freeman

2nd: U-High celebrates community spirit in annual Homecoming assembly, Taariq Ahmed, Mia Lipson, Alex Diamond, Bryce Light, Olin Nafziger, Eli Raikhel



Single-Page Story Package

1st: City Life: Emmett Till museum, Clare McRoberts

2nd: Arts: Hiding honky-tonk, Chloë Alexander, Audrey Park, Mia Lipson, Haley Maharry

Centerspread Story Package

1st: In-Depth: Freedom Flare-up, Audrey Park

2nd: In-Depth: Affirmative Apprehension, Audrey Park

Photo Story

1st: Sports: Raw reactions, Zara Siddique, Sahana Unni

Front-Page Design

1st: Vol. 99, Issue 7, Feb. 22, 2024, Mia Lipson

2nd: Vol. 98, Issue 21, June 1, 2023, Mia Lipson

Overall Design

1st: Vol. 99, Issue 7, Feb. 22, 2024

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