Admissions process begins


Admissions applications for the 2022-23 school year are now open.

Evan Lok, Reporter

Admissions applications for the 2022-23 school year are now open. A virtual open house was held Saturday, Oct. 23, where prospective students and families were able to take part in an interactive online tour of the school and learn more about Lab.

In order to begin the admissions process, families need to fill out the preliminary application form available on Lab’s website. Once completed, applicants to U-High will have a choice between two entrance exams, the SSAT and ISEE, as well as an interview with an individual on the admissions committee. 

Kerry Tulson, assistant director of admissions and financial aid, emphasized the importance of admitting students who exemplify U-High’s mission statement and values. 

“We reflect upon the mission statement when we’re thinking about what kind of a student we want to join us at Lab,” Ms. Tulson said. 

Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, all steps of the admissions process, including the interview and open house, have been virtual. 

According to Ms. Tulson, the number of available seats for new students at U-High is variable as open slots are largely dependent on the number of students who do not choose to continue at U-High. 

Prospective students have until Nov. 14 to complete the first step of the application process.