LinkedIn Learning program offered to Lab faculty



The University of Chicago is providing the LinkedIn Learning for Lab faculty where teachers can find instructional videos and courses.

William Tan, Assistant Editor

Lab’s Information Systems department has implemented the University of Chicago’s LinkedIn Learning program to help faculty members achieve professional goals.

LinkedIn Learning is an online learning website where educators can find instructional videos and courses in a variety of fields such as business or technology. LinkedIn Learning has partnered with the University of Chicago to provide training for all UChicago educators, and that invitation has now been extended to Lab faculty.

“The University of Chicago recognizes that learning doesn’t only take place in the classroom, and tools like LinkedIn Learning support this [mindset]. LinkedIn Learning offers flexible, personal learning pathways for learning needs as they arise, or to pursue an interest further,” said Brian Hewlett, executive director of finance and operations.

Mr. Hewlett hopes teachers will treat the learning program similar to a library with high-level resources dedicated to supporting information taught in class.

“Some instructors could ask students to work through courses as part of their curriculum, while others may prefer to use it as a secondary resource for reinforcing concepts,” he said. “Others may want to use it for their own professional learning – there’s really no right or wrong way to do it.”