To fundraise for prom, committee sells sweatshirts


Prom committee

The prom committee is selling maroon sweatshirts with a “UH” in large, white letters across the center to fundraise for prom.

Krishita Dutta, Arts Co-Editor

The prom committee is selling U-High branded sweatshirts to fundraise for the high school’s 2022 prom. 

The sweatshirts are maroon with a “UH” in large, white letters across the center. Students and faculty can order the $50 sweatshirts through Jan. 28 via a Google form, after which they will be billed through their FACTS accounts. 

Further, those without a FACTS account who order need to provide Dean of Students Ana Campos with a check by the deadline. Checks can be put in either Ms. Campos’s mailbox in the high school office or handed to secretary Devita Smith in the dean’s office.

Senior Ashley Hannah, committee co-chair, said the committee is hoping to sell at least 75 sweatshirts to fund the event adequately.

“We’re hoping to raise the money to pay for the venue first, and then pay for the music, whether that’s a DJ or something else,” Ashley said. “Then the money will go to decorations for prom, and finally, if we’ve made enough money, we could lower the prices of the actual tickets to prom.”

Ashley believes the U-High sweatshirts emphasize school spirit.

 “The sweatshirts bring U-High together and really gives a sense of community,” Ashley said. “Along with that, it’s also just cute and comfortable and helps support this year’s prom for students.”

The Google form can also be accessed through a QR code posted across campus on fundraising posters. Students who need help with placing orders can ask either Ashley or her co-chair on the committee, An Ngo.