BSA will showcase movies throughout February


Midway Staff

Starting Feb. 9, the Black Students’ Association will showcase movies throughout Black History Month.

Ethan Swinger, Reporter

To highlight Black culture and joy in cinema, the Black Students’ Association is showcasing movies throughout Black History Month, starting Feb. 9.

The movies will be shown during lunch period every Wednesday and Friday in C221 until the week of Feb. 28. However, this is subject to change due to pandemic restrictions.

According to BSA co-adviser Heavenly Hicks, BSA had made a list of movies and through voting, had narrowed it down to a small selection. These are, in order of screening: “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse,” “Let it Shine,” episodes 1 through 4 of “High on the Hog,” “The Wiz” and “Barber Shop.”

After each film, Ms. Hicks said there will be a brief discussion explaining the films’ significance and cultural importance.

“The board really wanted to extend the conversation about Black joy and what does that look like,” she said. “Looking at storytelling and how it connects to Black joy and [the board] really wanted to take the vehicle for this month through film.”

BSA president Tech Nix believes the purpose of showcasing these films is to display the ideas of Black joy and Black culture in film.

“But essentially we just wanted to have movies that were kind of centered around Black directors, Black main leads, Black ideas and things like that to kind of still connect this to our overall theme of, like, Black joy,” Tech said, “but also like just showcasing different aspects of Black cinema.”

Ms. Hicks believes the great thing about stories is how people can find valuable characteristics and emotions in them.

Ms. Hicks said, “We can find pieces of ourselves in them, that we can find humor in them, that we can find joy in them and we can find community.