Laboratory Schools enrollment stabilizes, tuition increases


Midway Staff

Enrollment numbers have stabilized to pre-pandemic levels with 31 new students to U-High and total Laboratory Schools enrollment at 2,203 students.

William Tan, Editor-in-Chief

For the 2022-23 school year, 31 new students have joined or returned to U-High: 21 ninth graders, 4 sophomores, 4 juniors and 2 seniors.

In U-High, there are now 152 ninth graders, 158 sophomores, 150 juniors and 162 seniors, bringing the total number of students to 622. Across all of the Laboratory Schools, 2,203 students have enrolled this year.

According to Brent LaRowe, director of registrar services and information management, enrollment is steady, especially in grades that commonly see new admittances: sixth grade and ninth grade.

“The standard sort of entry points as we call them, grade nine…grade six, we’re seeing very similar new student numbers in those classes as well,” he said.

To Mr. LaRowe, these class size numbers are encouraging.

“This is a very boring looking set of numbers. But that’s good. Yeah, that means that things are going as we expect, and I’m really pleased that our community is as resilient as it is,” he said. “We went through a pretty tough couple of years, and things are looking very similar to where they were before [COVID-19] started.”

High school tuition this year is $40,488, a 4% increase from $38,376 in the 2021-22 school year.