New club devoted to making digital music and beats


Matt Petres

Beatmaking club co-founder Evan Lok listens to his music production while co-founder Jacob Liu watches on. The new club helps students learn about digital music making.

Skye Freeman, Reporter

A new student club has been formed to make digital music and beats. The Beatmaking Club, which meets Mondays at lunch, aims to teach inexperienced and experienced members alike how to create beats and music of all genres.
Club co-founders Evan Lok, Yuan Zhuang and Jacob Liu created the club to teach software and digital platforms to compile beats and demos.
“I guess the goal is to have a safe space where people could just create music — where they can share tips and ideas about music, and just be creative,” Evan said
The club leaders hope to bring in guest speakers, create demos and collaborate on group projects. Recently, the club held “Meeting 0,” where they set up some of the programs they will be using, and worked on logistics for the official launch.
“Whatever your experience level with music, if you’re interested in making music, and sharing ideas, then come to beatmaking,” Evan said. “It’s going to be really fun.”