Clubs prepare for next school year, elect leaders

Nicholas Edwards-Levin, Reporter

As the school year comes to an end, clubs are getting ready for the 2018-19 academic year by electing new leaders. 

New club board members are listed below. 

Asian Students’ Association: Hongjia Chen, president; Nikita Kumar, vice president; Rama Kakkera, secretary; Esha Mishra, public relations director. 

Black Students’ Association: Saige Porter, president; Lea Runesha, vice president; Destiney Williamson, treasurer; Mikaela Ewing and Yanni Simmons, liaisons; Robert Coates and Soundjata Sharod, public relations representatives. 

Jewish Students’ Association: Nathan Appelbaum, president; Rachel Zemil, vice president; Lily Peterson, secretary; Gershon Stein, treasurer. 

Latinos Unidos: Sofia Kouri, president; Andrea Chavez, vice president. 

Model United Nations: Jamal Nimer and Alexis Tyndall, secretaries general; Stanley Shapiro, Ananya Asthana and Franzi Wild, junior board members; Mili Shah and Shiva Menta, directors general. 

Muslim Students’ Association: Mohammed Alausa, president. 

Refugee Club: Devyani Dharanipragada and Claire Duncan, co-leaders; Naina Jolly, events coordinator; Alex Pietraszek, publicist; Henry Cassel, treasurer; Hongjia Chen, Anjali Prachand, Alia Thomas, Amanda Cassel and Naomi Corlette, board members.