MSA organizes fundraiser, donation drive for Turkey and Syria earthquake relief


Kenneth Peters

To support earthquake victims in Turkey and Syria, the Muslim Students’ Association has organized a supply drive where students can drop off sleeping bags, blankets, and baby products at drop-off locations at four school entrances.

David Ren, Reporter

The recent 7.8- and 7.5-magnitude earthquakes in Turkey and Syria at the beginning of February have displaced many families, so the Muslim Students’ Association has created  a GoFundMe campaign and a supply drive. 

The GoFundMe page is partnered with the Syrian American Medical Society Midwest Foundation to provide emergency medical aid for earthquake victims and has a goal of raising $25,000. This will assist in providing food, water, shelter and medical assistance to those who have lost everything. Moreover, these donations also support long-term recovery efforts, helping communities rebuild and prepare for future disasters. 

For the supply drive, students can drop off diapers, baby formula, sleeping bags and blankets at drop-off box locations at Earl Shapiro Hall, Blaine Hall, Judd Hall and Kenwood Mall entrances. These donations will help people cope with the winter weather in Turkey and Syria. 

Senior Maya Atassi said the fundraiser idea came through talking with her family. 

“We thought that bringing it to MSA and making it centered around MSA would help us branch out more,” Maya said.

She added that other affinity groups could help spread information and donation links throughout the generous community, including parents. 

Maya said, “MSA is a great community, and everyone is very dedicated to the cause.”