Ninth-grade team CESMD_26 wins the Hunt


Patrice Graham

Team CESMD_26, comprised of ninth graders Elsa Podzsus, Daniel Wu, Marie Hurley, Clara Blucher and Sophia Zheng, won the 2023 Hunt.

Amy Ren, Assistant Editor

A team of five ninth graders called CESMD_26, won the Hunt, the annual scavenger hunt portion of ArtsFest. Students were challenged to complete certain tasks to earn more points than their competitors.

As a prize, each group member will be able to choose either a $80 Amazon gift card or tickets to the Pitchfork Music Festival at the end of July.

The group’s name, CESMD_26, combines the initials of members Clara Blucher, Elsa Podzsus, Sophia Zheng, Marie Hurley and Daniel Wu’s names, along with a mention of their graduation year. They posted photos and videos of some challenges, like painting their nails and cracking eggs on their heads. 

Elsa said the group didn’t anticipate winning.

“We weren’t sure if we would win because we knew we had some competition in 10th grade,” Elsa said. “But when we saw [the results] we were really excited. We all called each other, and we were really celebrating.”